Get Dirty Down Under

With 4WD and Camping Gear Hire there are so many destinations you can enjoy in the Cairns and Cape York region.

Here are some great destinations for you to consider.

  • Yindilli - Chinaman Camp - 4 hours from Cairns
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    CJ and Helen’s Yindilli Camping is an amazing place for you to experience a completely different understanding of aboriginal culture and practices. Sample Bush tucker or just enjoy a very spiritual and tranquil bush camp setting near the Meg River.

    Listen to Dreamtime stories around the Campfire with CJ or go on one of the great bush walks with CJ and learn about the bush from a Traditional aspect, take freshly made damper or dine with CJ and Helen under a million stars.

    A visit to Cj’s “Yindilli” is not just a tour - it’s a spiritual experience.
    Traditional dreaming
  • Fitzroy Island - 1 hour from Cairns by Ferry
    Fitzroy Island offers a very good quality camping ground, right on the waters edge. Snorkelling, swimming and Scuba Diving are all options here or just lay on the beach and soak up the sun as you look out over the tropical azure sea.

    The Island boast a very picturesque Camping Ground and is an ideal destination with one of our “Escape” Camping Gear Hire packages.



    The Island is a National Park with an interesting history, but now features the wonderful Fitzroy Island Resort. Located on the shores of Welcome Bay the Resort offers a 4.5 Star holiday experience to guests. A variety of room types are on offer and there is a variety of restaurants, bars and the mandatory "swim up" bar. All the islands attractions are within easy walking distance so this is a fantastic destination if you want to experience "Island Life" in the tropics.

    The Resort also manages the picturesque camping ground facility but places are limited for this so make sure you book. To view the Fitzroy Island Resort website - Click Here .

    There are a number of excellent walks available on the island ranging from easy to fairly strenuous.

    Nudlie Beach

    A one kilometre walk through the rainforest and skirting the water front with regular glimpses over Welcome Bay and to the mainland. An easy walk with a lovely sandy beach at the end. Although it is called "Nudlie" beach it is usually referred to as “Nudie Beach” but it is “safe”.

    Fitzroy 4

    Secret Garden
    This walking track leads more into the island and gives an excellent "Eyes ON" view of the vegetation on the Island. You may encounter one of the large Goanna (Lizards) that inhabit the island. The walk finishes near a dense rainforest section of the island and you should see some of the abundant birdlife.

    Lighthouse Walk
    This is quite a strenuous walk and covers some very steep inclines so take water with you. Its a 1.8 kilometre hike but the view from up the top at the lighthouse is fabulous. 360 Degree views around the island and you can see many of the other coral reefs that are part of the Great Barrier Reef. This walk is a great workout with a great panoramic reward.

    Fitzroy 2

    Turtle Rehabilitation Centre
    This is quite new to Fitzroy Island and was established to nurture and care for turtles that are sick or have been damaged and need help in some way. The facility does offer tours but they only take 15 people on a tour so make sure you book in.

    There is SCUBA and Snorkelling and for those who don't want to get wet - Glass bottomed viewing boats.

    The island is very popular due to its close proximity to Cairns and the diversity of eco systems.

    We offer a number of budget camping gear Hire packages for the perfect Fitzroy Island getaway - Click Here for details.

  • Laura Dance Festival - 4.0 hours from Cairns - Held every 2 two years.
    End of June 2018 - Dates to be advised.

    Laura Dance
    This Festival is held every two years and is truly remarkable experience for anyone who attends. This three day event covers a huge spectrum of aboriginal dance, art and culture. Featuring performers from the whole of the Cape York Area this Festival is a must for everyone, but book tickets early. If you are requiring any vehicles or gear from us please book very early as we can run out of stock in March due to excess bookings for this amazing event.

    As we are proud to be associated with Laura Dance Festival please just use this Link to view the Festival Website

  • Elim Beach - 5 hours from Cairns

    Elim Bay 1
    Located on the Leeward side of Cape Bedford, Elim Bay offers amazing tranquility and surroundings.

    Eddie and Ivan, the traditional owners of this little piece of paradise welcome everyone with open arms. Clean and shaded areas and toilets/showers make this a perfect rest stop. Stay two days or 2 weeks. Fishing off the beach and if you ask Eddie or Ivan they may give you pointers on where to get the Mud Crabs.

    You really need to make sure you put a stay at Elim Bay of your itinerary.

  • Cape York - 17 hours north of Cairns
    Cape York is considered by many to be “The Last Outback Frontier” of Australia. Boasting the northernmost tip of land in Australia Cape York - or ‘The Tip” as it is more affectionately known - covers an area the size of England.

    The flora and Fauna is in many ways unique to the region and the diversity of eco systems make it great destination for the adventurous traveller.
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    Right throughout the Cape York area there are a number of small towns and communities each with it’s own uniqueness. A very popular excursion is to leave the car at Seisha and take the Ferry over to Thursday Island for a tour of this remarkable group of islands.

    You can never tire of the wide range of sights and images in the Cape York region and this is evident by the number of repeat customers we have at CampersOZ,
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