Get Dirty Down Under

Hire Camping Gear & Hire Tents For Camping. CampersOZ offers the complete solution for Camping Gear Hire.
With a wide range of Camping Gear available for hire - we can cater for one person or a group of many.
Whether its a relaxing tropical getaway to Fitzroy or Russell Islands, or a Hike on the Thornsborough Trail, a 4WD adventure trip into Cape York or an Archeology Dig - we can create the perfect package for you. We can cater for large groups or just one person.

Camping Gear Equipment list
The Daily Rates listed below are for that item between 1 - 5 days. The more gear you hire the more discount you get….
contact us for a quote….

4WD Hire Recovery gear image

12v Air Compressor with gauge. Connects to standard battery.

$ 3.00 / Day

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12/240 Volt portable Fridge/Freezers. From 38 to 50 litre

$ 15.00 / Day

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Folding Solar Panels. Ideal as a remote power source with a 4WD Hire package

$ 12 .00 / Day

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A range of dome style, easy to erect tents. 3, 4 and 6 Person

$ 9.00 / Day

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Compact but comfy folding camping chairs

$ 3.00 / Day

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Comprehensive Kitchen Kits for 2 or 4 people. These include everything.

$ 3.00 / Day

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For good sleep - Folding Camp Beds

$ 2.00 / Day

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A range of Esky’s from 25 to 82 litre - just the right sized esky for your needs

$ 2.00 / Day*

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We stock two types of Self Inflating Air mattresses - a 30mm and 50mm

$ 3.00 / Day*

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Three types of stoves are available.. One and Two burner units & compact hiking style

$ 3.00 / Day*

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LED Solar rechargeable lights for around the camp.

$ 1.00 / Day

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Various size Tarpaulins available to extend camp areas

$ 1.00 / Day*

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Folding camp tables fit easily in the rear of our 4WD hire vehicles

$ 2.00 / Day

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4.5 and 9 quart Cast iron Camp ovens are available.

$ 3.00 or $5.00/ Day

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RECOVERY KIT -Supplied as standard with our 4WD hire vehicles.

Free with a 4WD hire

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19 Litre Solar Shower

$ 2.00 / Day

Stacks Image 249

20 Litre Water Container. A must have when going “Bush”

$ 1.00 / Day

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240v Petrol 2KVA Generator. Whisper quiet with DC and dual AC outlets

$ 15.00 / Day

We do have some set Camping Packages depending on the Destination your heading to….. so….

We are the only dedicated Camping Gear Hire business in Cairns, and along with our 4WD Hire vehicles we can set up a camping package perfect for what you require. We specialise in creating camping kits that suit your requirements no matter what type of camping adventure your into.

If you just need extra gear for your own car CALL US,

Hired a 4WD from another business ? - THATS OK - we can still supply all the camping gear you need

So if you are looking for an adventure camping getaway just contact us at CampersOz and we can get you Dirty Down Under.

2 / 254 Lake Street
Cairns North QLD 4870
tel: +617 40417474

  • CampersOz - Camping
    Camping is an outdoor activity that is equally popular among kids and adults and is a great way to get the whole family together. Camping helps to release stress and recharges mind and body. At CampersOz, we make sure that your camping trip is fun and hassle-free. We have outstanding camping hire services, allowing you to rent out many different kinds of tools and equipment, no matter how large your group.
    For our camping gear hire Cairns service, get in touch with us and select from the latest and widest range of equipment and tools needed for outdoor trips. No matter what size is your group, we have enough camping equipment for hire available. Come and visit us and explore our exclusive range of camping equipment hire what you need, and then proceed with your trip. We offer many different camping packages which have been put together using our extensive experience of what is most required and best used. We believe in both affordable and excellent quality equipment for our customers. The wilds can be pretty wild and CampersOz will ensure you are fully equipped to deal with any and all problems.
    Before going on a camping trip, it is essential to pack the proper equipment. You can hire camping gear from our comprehensive range without having to worry about either quality or price. We offer you the best camping equipment hire Cairns wide to enhance your camping experience.
    Sometimes campers can overload on the clothes and boots, but forget to pack some essential items, such as torches or matchsticks. The best way to go about packing is to make a checklist or consult a professional. CampersOz is a local company that will provide you with all camping essentials under one roof.
    Here is some of the camping gear hire equipment available at our store.
    • Gold Prospecting Kit
    Our exclusive Gold Prospecting Kit is a big hit among our campers. There are 4 items included in this kit, including gold pans, gold sieves, Minelab Xterra 705 Detectors with Gold coil, and Mini Recirculating High banker with pump, battery and 20L bucket. Panning for gold is a lot of fun and you never know what you might end up discovering. There is a chance that the panning might actually pay for your trip!
    • 12v Air Compressors
    This super-light portable air compressor helps you save time and money. Now your trip will not be halted by the need to stop at service stations due to flat tires (not so many of them outback!). The best thing about this 12v compressor is that it can work with any vehicle type or model, be it a truck, SUV or ATV. All you need for it to work is a running engine.
    • Air Mattress
    Our mattresses are very useful for camping, as they fold easily and take up a minimum amount of space. Inflating them into a bed is very easy with a pump. You can even use the air compressor mentioned above, provided it is compatible with your mattress type. The biggest benefits of using these mattresses are that they are comfortable, hygienic and odour-free. Best of all, the firmness can be adjusted to suit all backs. They are also very reasonably priced and come with guaranteed durability.
    • Camping Kitchen
    Our folding campfire BBQ tray and grill set is a multipurpose steel griller that allows you to grill and cook at the same time while keeping the fire contained. It is a conventional way of making barbeque and enjoying a pit fire. Our camping kitchen is easy to pack and carry around.
    Next up in our camping kitchen range are the camp ovens; you can use either the classic cast iron or the steel ovens. Our ovens maintain the required temperature in the pots while using up small amount of coals. You can easily make breads, roasts, cupcakes and scones in these.
    Another great addition is our portable fridge/freezer. They are easily transferable and require only 12v DC. You do not need to carry ice to keep food items cold, our portables freezers will do that for you. The unit charges while you drive so the batteries are always ready to go when you stop and make camp.
    The kitchen kit includes all crockery, plates and glasses. You have the option to rent these from us or bring your own. Our kit also includes napkins, tablecloths, pans and knives. We set you up with everything you will need during your trip.
    Our camping hire Cairns package also includes burner stoves, which are portable and easy to use. With these, you do not need to start a fire every time you cook something. These stoves work with butane gas bottles. One gas bottle is usually enough for a 3-day trip.
    You will be able easily to find camping hire equipment at our store. We have a wide range of portable kitchen tools and appliances in stock just for you.
    • Camp Tents
    There are 2 types of tents offered by CampersOz. One tent accommodates 4 people, while the other is designed for 3 to 6 people. All the tools necessary for setting up the tents are included in our tent kits. To hire tents for camping, you can get in touch with our team and discuss your needs with them. They will guide you regarding which kit to hire so as to make the most of your trip.
    The best way to find a suitable camping tent for hire is by getting in touch with us here at CampersOz. Our staff are experienced campers and are qualified to guide you in the best possible way. Camping can be the best experience of your life if you are fully packed and adequately equipped.
    4WD Vehicles
    We also have 4-wheel drive vehicles for hire at CampersOz. These are spacious and can easily navigate the challenging landscapes of northern Australia. The roof of each 4WD vehicle is built so as to help you to carry your luggage and equipment without damaging or breaking anything.
    Our 4WD vehicles also come with a recovery kit which include emergency equipment that may be used in the rare instance the car does get stuck. Our 4WD vehicles include Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series V8 wagon, Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series GXL and Mitsubishi Pajero GLS Wagon.

    Our Guided Tours
    Apart from camping equipment hire, we arrange tours complete with highly qualified Eco Guides and 4WD vehicles. We know the Far North Queensland area very well, and our tours enable you to experience the beauty and splendour this area has to offer.
    The reason hiring us for your camping needs is such a great idea is because we get personally involved and have extensive experience. Our job starts the moment you step inside our doors. We believe in planning ahead so that nothing goes wrong during the trip and you will have a magnificent experience free from hassle or stress.
    Why should you go camping?
    Camping offers an array of benefits to the human body. Taking time out for camping and exploring the beauties of northern Australia refreshes you and introduces you to adventures like few other activities can do. It is also beneficial for growing children, because exposure to the natural world of the great outdoors and navigating over open terrain keeps their minds active and healthy.
    Camping can also improve sleeping patterns: as we get a break from all the stresses of modern urban living, our bodies get a chance to relax and reset. Yet another benefit of camping is the increased intake of vitamin D. The main source of vitamin D is sunlight. Exposure to healthy amounts of sunlight can reduce mood swings and helps to keep brain performance healthy.
    CampersOz, we believe that camping can be a great experience for everyone, be they an adult or a child. Camping can bring many benefits for body and mind:
    Experiencing the Natural Environment

    Going out in the open is soothing for the mind and senses. Camping lets you connect with the natural landscape and to value it fully. You also get to develop a sense of responsibility for protecting the natural environment. And it is a lot of fun for all the family and friends.
    The Fresh Air

    Just getting away from traffic pollution and out into the wild where the trees and plants produce oxygen, can induce a release of serotonin, giving you a feeling of well-being and health. The physical activity of camping out in the fresh air is very good for your body and mind, helps boost your immune system and is excellent for overall general health.

    Getting on With Friends and Family

    Sharing a camping trip with friends and family is a great way to confirm friendships and to learn about each other. Different members of the group will display different abilities and skills that you might not otherwise have encountered. As with any shared experience, a camping trip can cement existing friendships, create new friendships and build trust among everyone.

    Improved Moods

    Campers are often heard to comment how their mood improves both during and after a camping trip. People can become more calm and contented and learn to deal with problems in a way that is stress-free.


    Probably the most obvious benefit of going on a camping trip is the extra exercise all the members will get. The daily tasks of cooking, setting up the sleeping arrangements, moving around over rough ground, plus swimming, hiking and gathering wood for fires will all have a beneficial effect on heart, lungs and mind. And when the food is ready, you will have a better appetite. And after that outdoors meal, which always taste better, you will settle down for a good nights sleep, nature's finest doctor.

    New Challenges

    Camping trips always offer a series of challenges to us all and it is accepted that new challenges exercise the mind and promotes health. And it is great to see a friend or family member rising to a challenge and proving themselves adept at problem solving.

    Excellent Team Building

    Camping trips always offer a series of situations and challenges that are great opportunities to encourage and promote Team Building skills and strengthen friendships and relationships with others. Camping is one activity that has no age limits.

    Last But Not Least…
    Our CEO, Will Stewart, founded CampersOz in 2005 with a vision of providing campers with far more than just the view. He wants everyone to experience the very essence of nature and to build a connection with it. This vision is one of the cornerstones of his business and he would like everybody to experience camping from a whole new perspective. The friendly, enthusiastic and experienced staff at CampersOz will go that extra mile to make your camping experience a truly memorable one.
    Our staff are all trained campers with expert knowledge of the surrounding regions. Knowing so much about the landscape, they know what type of gear you will be needing for the variety of terrain you journey through. From tents to sleeping bags, kitchen equipment and freezers, our range of camping equipment is designed to meet your every need on our trips through the wild. With so much experience on hand we can guarantee you will have all the equipment you will need.
    So if you are planning a camping trip and looking to hire good quality camping equipment that is perfectly suited for the northern Australian bush, we are your best bet. Our staff are always available to assist you in any way they can. All you need to do to contact us is to fill out the
    contact form on our website or call us on (+617 40417474).